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Laboratorio de Circuitos Neuronales

Principal investigator: Liset M de la Prida , Ph.D.

Group research focus

Deep CA1 pyramidal cell from the rat hippocampus.

Deep CA1 pyramidal cell from the rat hippocampus.

The main goal of the Menéndez de la Prida’s lab is to understand the function of the hippocampal and para-hippocampal circuits in the normal and the epileptic brain. We are interested on how complex patterns of activity are produced with a special emphasis in the cellular and synaptic rules that govern circuit dynamics.

To tackle these questions we use different in vitro and in vivo preparations. We focus in different forms of activity, including several types of oscillations (ripples, fast ripples, theta and gamma) and epileptiform events.


Multielectrode probe for in vivo recording.

Multielectrode probe for in vivo recording.

The lab uses a combination of single-cell and multi-site recording techniques to study hippocampal oscillations. We focus on understanding the mechanisms underpinning disruption of natural hippocampal rhythms in temporal lobe epilepsy and their relationship with the most common memory deficits affecting this condition. Recent data now suggest that normal and pathological forms of hippocampal oscillations involve heterogenous single-cell and circuit dynamics, suggesting that different neuronal types (GABAergic and glutamatergic cells) and distinct motifs of connectivity underlie microcircuit alterations in an epileptic network. Work in collaboration with our SynCogDis partners will target these questions by expanding our palette of techniques to include novel proteomic and transcriptomic approaches aimed to dissect the epileptogenic microcircuits at the mesoscopic level.

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